Thursday, January 24, 2008

Psychopaths prefer Snickers: Regular and Dark

Not much to say about this. These guys are clearly fugitives from a local mental hospital. They're out for a roadtrip. Perhaps they're going to rent a boat and hang out with some hookers in your neighbor.

I could rant about this for 2000 words or more, but lemme just sum up what the geniuses at Snickers want you to think of their product.

Some weirdos dressed up like a pilgrim and a viking or something take road trips in their car. They stop at gas stations, and when they need to refuel, they opt for Snickers. Deprived of Snickers, they vandalize the station and dent parked cars. Furnished with Snickers Dark, they further vandalize the station and dent parked cars. You have to wonder if Snickers/Snickers Dark consumption is associated with violent outbursts, psychopathic wardrobe choices, and other general signs of insanity. Based on this series of commercials, I am sure to view Snickers in a whole new light: as an opportunity to play with madness.

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