Sunday, March 2, 2008

Honda Odyssey

First: Love Heart's "Barracuda".
Second: Love the artwork. Gorgeous animation. Reminds me of my childhood (I grew up in the 70's and early 80's... custom conversion vans were the epitome of cool)

Finally: What the Hell does any of that have to do with a minivan. You would have trouble putting a large custom graphic on that thing. Never mind that there has never been a sexy minivan. It's kind of counter the whole idea of a minivan (family vehicle). For those who don't recall the 70's, the conversion van with the massive air brush graphic was about a rolling bachelor pad. You got into the situation where you'd need a minivan in the back of your conversion van (which probably had a waterbed and shag carpet, maybe even a disco ball). I know it's hard for folks to recall this stuff, but vans were actually cool and not for soccer moms once upon a time.

Honda would like you to believe that minivans can be cool. They are lying through their teeth. You and I both know why. But you can rest assured, they are lying through their teeth.

More KFC: "Check out those grill marks"

Again, no clip, but you can click the link

Here's what's funny. After the main action of the commercial, we get to see how they put the grill marks on the wrap. Of course, it's a panini press.

I'm looking at it, and the grill marks on the sandwich go left to right. The grill on the press is going from the back of the screen to the front. Check out those grill marks, indeed. They clearly weren't put on with that panina press. I suspect they were painted on by a microwave.

KFC's New World: Same Old Product

Sorry, I don't have the video but you can watch it on the link. The thing I want to bring your attention to is the new sauce free hot wing. A woman says, with this new hotwing, it's a whole new world of possibility.

Actually, it's a whole old world of possibility. This was a KFC menu staple as recently as 2003. I know, because I blew my first attempt at doing the LC diet with them. They used to come in 6 and 20 packs. And they were my favorite thing at KFC.

It's a whole new world. Y2K style. Fun.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Axe Leaves a Crusty Residue?

So, you have a date coming up. You are a little dirty and you don't have time to shower. So, you spray Axe deodorant body spray (a product that I like and find fascinating) all over. Then, after a brief look in the mirror, you notice, you're kind of crusty. So, you bang your head against the wall in frustration and you crack this disgusting shell of crud that was left on you after your overdose of Axe. But wait. You slam a door into your chest to break off the rest of that filthy Axe. It crumbles and you feel great and ready for your date.

I dunno about you, but my deodorant body spray shouldn't leave a crusty residue. Call me nuts.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I guess Fiber Optic Internet service will lower your cholesterol too: Time Warner Cable

Okay, here's the ad:

I guess FIOS is Magic!

You have to love competition. It brings out the nastiness. Here's Verizon, with their FIOS service, which I know not much about, other than it's faster than DSL, uses fiber optics, comes from a phone company and apparently costs ~$100/month. I guess they are cutting into Time Warner's market share, so, the ad above.

What's funny is the suggestion that Time Warner cable comes in a box of fiber. And it will be the cure for constipation. Me thinks we're talking about different types of fiber, but if Time Warner's fiber will unblock you, maybe it will lower your cholesterol, too.4 points in 7 weeks or some such number. Perhaps, the TW and Verizon's real competition is none other than...

Warning: May Cause Abdominal Distention

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Something Different: A Really Beautiful Commercial from BMW

I found this commercial on the Ted Blog. It features one of their members. I think it's a slightly different approach to advertising in the current market. There isn't a single car in the ad. There's nothing that looks like a car. There's no discussion of cars. It's a discussion about something completely different, the work of an artist/engineer. Being a TED member, he's bound to pretty sharp.

What makes it good?
  1. The work of the artist and the photography of same. His creations are really striking.
  2. The stripped down nature of the discussion. It's about his work, but it's also about BMW as a brand. The logo at the end, not being tacky, brings it all back to the brand.
At any rate, I liked it a lot. It'd be nice to see more of this between beer Neanderthals.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Extravaganza: Tom Petty Breaks Hearts, or something

First of, let me say it was nice of Tom Petty to shave for the event. I guess he's auditioning for the role of Cousin It for the next go round of The Addams Family.

Something interesting: If you want to see Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers play in the Washington DC Area, you're gonna have to pop $45 + service fees to sit on the lawn. I dunno about you, but that seems steep. Very steep. I think they'll come down.

I especially like that fans at home can play Guitar Hero along with the Heartbreakers.

Tom's voice sounds strange. Not bad, but maybe too melodic for him.

Where's the FCC? Did he just say, "I'm free... freeballing?" If Janet Jackson having her nips on display is fine worthy, I'm sure the Tom Petty Underwear Situation merits at least a stern talking to.

Tom Petty (with and without the Heartbreakers) has 26 highlight songs, according to the geniuses at Since we've all heart Free Fallin 8 bazillion times by now, and it's not really that great a song, couldn't we have traded it for Refugee, Breakdown, You Got Lucky, Don't Come Around Here, or Stop Draggin My Heart Around? Would anyone mind.

I hope he gets off after Running Down a Dream. Best song he did, he should leave on a high note (unless he's gonna do Refugee).Do you need a clearer picture? I don't.

Last thought: Considering the amount of TV I consume, you'd think I'd own a very large HDTV. You'd be very wrong. If you're curious to know why, aside from a general reluctance to have to bring it in past the wife who would give me that look for a microsecond, and not have a problem with it, but I still feel guilty buying stuff, it's because of events like the Superbowl Halftime, the Local News and CSPAN. There are some things that a blurry picture is better for. Tom & The Heartbreakers and nearly everyone in Congress, better in blur.

One more thought: Who knew they were still making new King of the Hills?