Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Extravaganza: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Tell You What You Already Knew

They come back from a commercial with one of those goofy video edits to twenty year old music that are supposed to get you hyped about the game. Since 95% of all sporting events are generally 95% boring, I see the purpose. And I like sports. Just not pro-football so much.
Everyone Does It Better? Say It Ain't So.

Any rate, Joe Buck tells us that no one does it better than they're guys in the truck. He then says,
We may not be the best announcers in the world, but the guys in the truck, they're the best.
We knew Joe Buck had a thing for the obvious, but this is both obvious and honest. I dunno that Troy Aikman is as bad as Tim McCarver, but only because I don't watch that much football. He shows every sign as being a captain of the obvious and sublimely stupid, just like Timmy Mc. Joe Buck shares across sports. He's terrible, all the time. No matter the occaision, you can be sure of a few things. Beer will sponsor. Soda will sponsor. Oh, and Joe Buck will dishonor his hall of fame father, Jack Buck, by sucking. Hardcore. These things I know. And apparently, so does Joe Buck.

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