Friday, February 8, 2008

I guess Fiber Optic Internet service will lower your cholesterol too: Time Warner Cable

Okay, here's the ad:

I guess FIOS is Magic!

You have to love competition. It brings out the nastiness. Here's Verizon, with their FIOS service, which I know not much about, other than it's faster than DSL, uses fiber optics, comes from a phone company and apparently costs ~$100/month. I guess they are cutting into Time Warner's market share, so, the ad above.

What's funny is the suggestion that Time Warner cable comes in a box of fiber. And it will be the cure for constipation. Me thinks we're talking about different types of fiber, but if Time Warner's fiber will unblock you, maybe it will lower your cholesterol, too.4 points in 7 weeks or some such number. Perhaps, the TW and Verizon's real competition is none other than...

Warning: May Cause Abdominal Distention

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