Saturday, December 22, 2007

Burger King: We Like to Screw With You

Anyone who has read my blogs in the past knows I love Burger King's ads. They stand apart from other chains, are now sadly imitated by Wendy's (something they get at in their new campaign) and were really a good deal of fun. OF course, they all suggest that eating whoppers lead to varying levels of hallucinations, but that's a matter for another post at another time.

Today, I want to talk about the Whopper Freakout. At a random restaurant somewhere, Burger King took their signature item off the menu, and filmed customers as they wigged out. Now, I dunno about you, but when the royal me goes to a fast food joint, I want what I want, and if they are, for some reason, out of what I want, I'll move on. I'm not gonna riot. A whopper is maybe good, but it's not really worth going apeshit over, is it? It's not like you're at the Taillevent and they've just told you they've discontinued the consommé with quennelles.

Burger King runs out of Whoppers, and really, they have other stuff. It's all burgers, people. Settle down. You can still get a coke and some fries with whatever other burger they have. Hell, have two regular burgers and have em dress it like a whopper. It's not like they aren't the "Have it your way" burger joint.

But as to future BK customers, let's think about the real message here. Burger King, just to make a point, will fuck with you. Fuck with you to the point where you will get upset and make a bit of an ass of yourself. Do you want to patronize a company that is willing to screw with you, piss you off, for no other reason than to make some obscure marketing point. I have an idea. Let's try something here. Don't go to Burger King anymore. You can return when they stop making fun of their customers (us) to attract new customers. That'll learn them.

Last thing. In one of the spots, they offer a customer a square burger instead of a whopper. The customer says something to the effect of, 'That's a Wendy's burger and I don't eat at Wendy's." The recent Wendy's commercials, with the random people wearing Pipi Longstockings wigs and having fairly pedestrian ideas about what they want from a fast food joint (like a burger that sizzled at some point). Those commercials are pretty clear attempts to lift the quirky ad and the fresh made vibe from Burger King. You'd expect BK to maybe sit back and ignore, but, instead, here, BK, the quirky ad company uses some hidden camera footage to set the record straight. No one likes square burgers and we're quirkier than you. I dunno about you, but when it comes to food preparation, I dunno if I want the quirkiest company's product.

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